3rd Party Transfer

One of the features that we have recently added to the many ways to transfer money is called - Third Party Transfers or ACH Origination.

This feature allows our members to transfer funds electronically between their account at Tri-Town to an account at another bank or financial institution that has an Automated Clearing House (ACH) routing number.

This differs from our Bill Pay Service which is used to pay vendors that you use, such as utility companies or others companies that provide products and services to you.


Use a Form:

You can fill out a form listed as ACH Transfer Instruction on the "Forms" page (or Click to go directly to form). To fill the form out properly you will need the routing number of your bank and the account number where you wish to have the money transferred to/from.

Print out the form and fax it to 203-227-0266 or scan and email it to us at info@tritownteachers.org. When we receive the completed form with your signature authorizing the transfer of funds, we will set it up for you. This will take a couple of business days to set up.


Those proficient in the use of our Flexteller online system can look under "Services" on their Flexteller Account. There you will find "Third Party Transfers". Click on "Third Party Transfers" and you will find instructions on how to set up the transfer to another account at a financial institution.

Again, you will need the routing number of the financial institution and account number that you want the funds transferred to. Our system will set up two automatic transfers to that account in amounts under one dollar.

The transfers will be made within two business days. When you see these transfers have occurred from your Tri-Town account, you will complete the information listing the two transfer amounts. Then the set-up of the transfer will be confirmed. Once that is done, you will be able to transfer funds electronically whenever you wish. You will be able to set up recurring transfers if you wish.


If you have any questions about setting up a Third Party Transfer, call the credit union (203.227.8511) or contact us through Live Chat and we will assist you.

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