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Association Membership Overview

We Welcome Associations to Join Us:

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It is widely recognized that credit unions offer advantages over banks in interest rates for both loans and savings, and better personal service. For a quick video from Barron's on this subject, click here.

Growing Our Membership:
The National Credit Union Association, (NCUA) has opened up their regulations to allow credit unions like ours to invite associations and clubs to join credit unions.

We are looking to grow our credit union so if you are a member of civic organization, please contact us if you wish to have your organization become eligible for membership. The association or club must have by-laws and allow membership to participate in the goals of the organization; maintains a membership list and sponsors activities for the betterment of the community.

We hope to find other like-minded organizations whose members are interest in maintaining the rich historic heritage of our area and that support green initiatives to preserve the beauty and environmental health of our planet.

Financial Stability for Our Members:
We are dedicated to helping our members attain financial stability. We offer very competitive loan rates for mortgages, Home Equity lines of Credit (HELOC), personal loans, vehicle loans and special Green Loans for home energy improvements and green vehicle loans that allow our members to take an additional 2% off their loan rates when they are environmentally friendly.

Our terms are usually more favorable than you will generally find at a bank or other financial institutions. For example we let our members skip payments on their loans in August and December. With family vacations, holidays or home improvement projects, these are months that can put particular stress on household budgets. We pride ourselves on helping members with personal service!

On the Savings Side:
We offer Certificates of Deposits (CD's with rates among the highest available in our area and our normal savings rate is generally higher than rates you will find at area banks. We also offer special savings accounts, such as Vacation Club accounts, Holiday Club accounts and Special Savings accounts designed for a special purpose, such as a kid's college fund. We are all about helping people with personal service second to none!

New Opportunities for Membership:
Families of existing members are welcome to join, but we are happy to open our membership to a significant list of other organizations that may be interested in membership.

Here is a list of the organizations that would receive automatic membership upon providing a letter requesting membership:

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Here's How:
If you wish for your organization members to become members of our credit union and benefit from the many services and capabilities that we offer, please contact John Coniglio at the credit union at 203-227-8511.

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