Westport Historical Preservation Award

Tri-Town Receives Preservation Award

The Westport Historic District Commission presented us with one of their nine 2012 Preservation Awards. The HDC said the award was given in recognition of the "excellence in care" given to our "office home" at 61 Jesup Road. The Godillot Carriage House was constructed in 1882 by Alexis and Julia Godillot Jr. as a carriage house for their residence across the street at 60 Jesup Road. "It is a beautiful example of the Stick style, designed to complement the stylistic makeover the owners were undertaking to the main house at that time," the HDC said.

Tri-Town purchased it in 1989 for office use. At that time, the structure was badly deteriorated and required extensive renovation. This year we undertook another round of renovation work, primarily to the exterior of the building. The entire building was carefully stripped of its old layers of paint with a nondestructive chemical paint removing technique and all deteriorated wood shingles, siding and trim were replaced to match the original. We selected appropriate historic paint colors to finish the project and ensure its long term preservation.

Taken from Westport Now, October 23, 2012

Also Westport Now, November 19, 2012.

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