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Risk Based Loan Rates*

Our Risk Based Loan Policy rewards our members who maintain good credit ratings by providing excellent loan rates. At the same time it recognizes the risk of providing loans to individuals who have less than stellar credit and requires higher interest rates based on lower credit categories. We have established five (5) credit categories or "grades" with correspondingly higher interest rates as the members' credit score declines. This pricing arrangement has been implemented by most financial institutions because it more accurately reflects the risks of lending. Financial Counseling is available for those who wish to improve their credit score.

Rates will be established based on your individual credit rating at the time the loan is requested. Any questions should be directed to John Coniglio or David Ritch at the Credit Union (203.227.8511).

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New/Used Vehicle or share secured Loan Rates*

Electric Vehicle Loans - Take 2% off our normal auto loan rates, for any Plug-In EV loan - Includes bikes & motorcycles up to 100% of value.

For a Plug-in EV purchase from Enterprise Car Sales, the 2% off is additional to the Enterprise Car Sales discount!

Enterprise Car Sales - As low as .99% for 3 years.

Grade 36 MONTHS48
(New Car Only
over $20,000)
700+A 2.99% 3.49% 3.79% 4.79%
640-699B 3.49% 3.99% 4.29% 5.29%
600-639C 4.49% 4.99% 5.29% 6.29%
550-599D 7.99% 8.49% 8.79% 9.79%
Below 550E 9.99% 10.49% 10.79% 11.79%

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Personal/Unsecured Loans*

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Loans under $5,000, max term is 3 years.
Loans from $5,001 to $7,500, max term is 4 years.
Loans over $7,501 to $20,000, max term is 5 years.

A&B Credit Members can receive $10,000 individual or $20,000 with a co-signer.
C-E Credit Members can receive $7500 individual or $15,000 with a co-signer.

Personal Loan Rates*

Green Signature Loans - Take 2% off our normal personal loan rates, for any home improvement project that involves energy efficient material such as solar power, thermal windows, insulation or energy efficient appliances for your home! (up to $25,000).

Grade 12 MONTHS24
700+A 7.90% 8.90% 9.90% 10.90%
640-699B 8.40% 9.40% 10.40% 11.40%
600-639C 9.40% 10.40% 11.40% 12.40%
550-599D 12.90% 13.90% 14.90% 15.90%
Below 550E 14.90% 15.90% 16.90% 17.90%

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Credit Line Mortgages and Other Loans*

Please Note: This type of Home Equity Loan is no longer offered. Please see "Better UR Rate HELOC".
Credit Line Mortgage


Variable rate subject to change quarterly
Share Draft Line of Credit
Overdraft protection

Fixed Rate Home Equity loans--Rates as low as 5.25% (See Mortgages for details)

* Loan Rates Are Subject to Change Without Notice

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