Eligibility for Membership

Why Join Tri-Town Teachers Federal Credit Union?

The quick answer - To Enjoy the Best in Banking!

For the Many Benefits and Advantages of Joining, Visit "Why Join"

We've Opened Our Doors To New Affiliations.

Now — after more than 60 years in town — the credit union is expanding. We invite members of outside associations and organizations to join and take advantage of the many benefits offered to members.

And they're not just limited to Westport, Weston and Wilton.

Eligible groups include alumni associations; religious organizations; electric cooperatives; homeowner associations; labor unions; scouting groups; PTAs; Chamber of Commerce members; athletic booster clubs; fraternal organizations; community service groups; national or ethnic origin cultural groups, and professional occupational organizations. Petitioning groups must align with the credit union's "long-term strategic interest" — a very broad category.

For more information — including applying as an organization to the Tri-Town Federal Credit Union — email jconiglio@tritownteachers.org, or call 203-227-8511.

Have a child leaving for college in the fall?

Come and see us about setting up a checking account for them. By establishing an account you can help teach them financial responsibility as they head out into the world.

Anyone can join the Credit Union if they meet any ONE of the following conditions:

It's Easy to Be a Member
To join the Credit Union you simply complete a new member card, show a government issued photo ID, and make an initial deposit of at least $5.00. Once the Regular Share Account is established, you can take advantage of the many additional services, including making loan application.

Once a Member, Always a Member
Once you are a member of Tri-Town Teachers FCU you are always a member even if you leave your present job or retire.

There Is No Better Time Than Right Now to Download the New Member Card!
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