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Share Draft Account

Share Draft is the Credit Union term for checking account. We provide checking accounts to our members similar to what banks provide. By maintaining a minimum balance of $500.00, you can avoid the flat monthly service charge of $3.00 per month. There are no per check fees associated with this account. The first 50 checks are provide to you free of charge, with a large variety of low cost check styles for you to choose from. One of the major benefits of our Share Draft Account is that checks are cleared immediately when they are deposited. We don't put a hold on checks so you will be able to use your money immediately, unlike many banks that hold deposits for 3 or more days. And remember this, the $3 monthly minimum $500 balance fee is waived if you are in the No Fee Zone!

Our Debit/ATM Card-Used with Your Share Draft Checking Account:

You have the opportunity to use our Visa Debit/ATM card at CU24 Network ATM's that provide surcharge-free cash withdrawals. We do charge a $1 monthly service fee for debit cards, but that is a small fee compared to $2 to $3 fees each time you make a withdrawal from an ATM, using a personal identification number-provided. CU24 has over 100,000 ATM's throughout the USA and hundreds within a 15 mile radius of Westport. VISA Debit Cards can be used like checks at the point of sale or at ATM's to make deposits or to withdraw cash when you need it. And remember this too, the $1 monthly fee is waived if you are in the No Fee Zone!

Review All of Your Accounts Online / Instant Transfers:

By using our Flexteller, online access you can review all your accounts online. It is a good idea to check your share draft (checking) account activity often to make sure that no unauthorized transactions have occurred. You can also make transfers from your savings account to your checking account anytime (24/7) and transfers occur immediately. You can also use your smartphone to access your accounts, make transfers, pay bills and deposit checks remotely.

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Regular Share Account

Your basic savings account which all members must have. Your minimum deposit of $5.00 establishes your membership and allows you to take advantage of our other services. This account pays a competitive quarterly dividend on a day of deposit to day of withdrawal basis. A minimum balance of $100.00 must be maintained to earn a dividend.

Holiday Club Account

An easy way to save for the Holidays. Put as much as you like into this account each payday and avoid those credit card bills. There are no pre-set amounts or coupons to use; you set the amount based on how much you want to save. Earns the same dividend rate as the Regular Share Account. Holiday Club checks are mailed to you each November 1st.

Vacation Club Account

If you are a Teacher, this is a special way to save for the summer months with no paycheck. If you are not a Teacher, then save for that summer vacation. You set the amount for deposit from each paycheck, and earn the same dividend as the Regular Share Account. Coordinate these funds with six-month Share Certificates and earn an even greater return. Each June you will receive a notice with several disbursement options. Disbursement takes place on July 1st.

Special Savings Account

Similar to a Vacation Club Account, this account can be set up to save for any special purpose.

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