Visa Cards from Tri-Town Teachers FCU

Double Award Points 5 Months Every Year!

Balance Transfers with No Fees!

Zero Liability

Instant Card Issue In Case Of Loss or Theft!

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Terms & Conditions Associated with TTTFCU Credit and Debit Cards

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Activating Your New Visa Credit and/or Debit Card

IN PERSON: If you come into our office to pick up your card through our INSTANT ISSUE service, your card will already be activated when we produce it for you.

MAIL: If we mail you your card, you will need to call us during business hours when you receive your card to have your card activated. This procedures will eliminate the possibility of fraud should your card be stolen during the mailing process. We will also give you instructions on how to select your own PIN when you call us.

Reporting Lost or Stolen Credit Cards On Line (24/7)

It is extremely important that you report your card lost/stolen as soon as you are aware if it. This blocks your card from making transactions and limits any liability. Please report lost or stolen Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Cards on line by clicking the button below and following the instructions provided on our secure web site:
report lost card

You should also call us at (203) 227-8511 during business hours to report a lost or stolen card. Outside of business hours call VISA anytime at 800-VISA-911 to have your card blocked immediately. If after hours-please call to notify us as well and leave a message on our answering machine that you have reported your card lost/stolen with a telephone number where we can reach you during our next business day.

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Key Features of Our Platinum Visa Card

Extra Awards Program--Travel, Gifts or Cash Back

Double Points:
With our rewards program you receive one point earned for each dollar spent on purchases, (Double Points for purchases during November and December and June-August too, each year). That means that five(5) months each year members enjoy double points for purchases on our card. Extra Awards points may be redeemed for travel, merchandise, gift certificates or cash back. To determine how many points you have check the last page of your Credit Card Billing Statement or visit the Extra Awards web site.

Introductory Bonus:

Information and To Sign-up:
Visit the Extra Awards web site for information on travel, cash or gift certificate redemption and to sign-up.

To Book Travel Awards or Request Merchandise Awards:
Call toll free from US or Canada 877-909-1450.

Card holders may also sign up for their Awards account and review their account summary on-line by visiting the Extra Awards web site or simply click on the button below.

Extra Awards Link

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Balance Transfers with No Fees

Unlike most banks, Tri-Town Teachers FCU does not add a fee to balance transfers!

No Liability

Card holders are protected against financial loss in case of theft or fraud!

Instant Card Issue In Case Of Loss or Theft!

Instant Issue of Debit and Credit Cards is now available at TTTFCU. A replacement card can be made and activated immediately in our office in the event of a lost or stolen card! This will allow you to get your new card almost immediately if you are hit with fraud or need a new card for any reason.

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Key Protection Features of Our Platinum Visa Card

Fraud & Theft Protection Features

EMV Chip Cards

Enhanced Security: We have completely converted to the new EMV Chip technology for all of our Visa credit and debit cards.

The EMV (which stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa) cards have a computer chip that will provide a unique transaction code for each transaction, making the cloning of cards useless by criminals stealing the card holders information.

If our members have the option to use the new chip card readers at the point of sale please make sure you are doing that. If the merchant does not have a chip card processing machine and there is fraud on your card the merchant is responsible for any fraud amount, instead of your Credit Union. This should greatly reduce the possibility of fraud on the card holder's account and save our Credit Union from fraud over time.

More Information:
For more information about EMV cards in general, please visit the web site.


We also provide the ability to use a PIN with both credit and debit cards. Personal Information Numbers (PIN) are provided in case the member wishes to receive a cash advance using their credit card at an ATM machine.

In addition to taking cash from an ATM, eventually, PIN's for credit cards may be used to enhance purchase security (Chip and PIN purchase transactions are currently in use in Europe to provide two levels of security. This may be coming to the US soon), so please keep your credit card PIN in a safe place for future reference.

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Credit/Debit Card Control

You can control your credit and debit cards using our Mobile App
For more information about our Mobile App, click here.


E-Alerts are a good way to keep track of credit or debit card transactions that are above a dollar amount the card holder establishes. An E-ALERT informs the member of an action that has occurred on one of their accounts, (Savings, Checking or Visa). E-ALERTS are sent to the member by email or text.

For additional information and directions to set up this valuable service, go to our e-Alerts web page

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Visa Fraud Alerts

Improved Fraud Protection
For members that use our Debit and Credit Cards we have established a notification service from our TTTFCU FRAUD CENTER to alert members 24/7 if there is potential fraud on a credit or debit card transaction. Our processor's complex software monitors purchasing patterns of our members to alert you if there is a purchase that it considers risky or may be fraud.

Immediate Notification
When you get an alert via text or email, you will be asked to respond YES or NO to the text ASAP; regarding whether you made the purchase.

To be sure that we are sending messages to the correct place, please be sure to check that we have your correct email and cellphone number on file and make any corrections or modifications as soon as possible.

If you have any questions please give us a call 203.227.8511, or visit our Visa Fraud Alert Page.

Additional Benefits of Our Platinum Visa Card

Special 1st Year Rate As Low As 7.95%

Competitive Ongoing Rates

No Annual Fee with e-Statements

Year-end statement of All Purchases

Applying for a Visa Credit Card

Applications are available on-line by clicking on "Apply for a Loan" on Flexteller. If you already have Tri-Town On-Line Access, click here. If not, call us at 203 227-8511 or visit our office to set-up an on-line account. Applications are also available from the Forms Page to be printed and completed.

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Visa Check (Debit) Card

Visa Check (Debit) Card Now offers surcharge-free ATM withdrawals

Tri-Town Teachers FCU offers a Visa Check Card which is a debit card that is tied to the member's share draft (checking) account and functions much like a personal check. When this card is used, the member's share draft account is debited by the amount of the transaction immediately. This card may be used wherever Visa Cards are accepted.

To apply for a Visa Check Card you may stop by our office. Or use the application form from our "Forms" web page. Simply click on Debit/ATM Card Application, print the form, complete it, and fax it into our office, (203-227-0266). Visa Debit Cards have a $1 monthly service fee*. This card can be used as a debit card or as an ATM card for pin based transactions. Members must use the PIN (Personal Identification Number) that was provided with the card. Please make sure you safe-guard your PIN and keep it in a safe place for reference. We do not keep this information on file. If you lose it we will have to have a PIN reminder sent to you via our processor.

Our "Blue" Visa Debit Card offers surcharge free ATM withdrawals at any CU24 or Allpoint network equipped ATM. Most CVS, Walgreens and 7-Eleven stores offer these ATM machines. For a full list of surcharge free ATM's in your area please visit and enter your Zip code. A map with provide the locations of ATM's that offer this service in your local area. We are pleased to offer this service to our members. There is also a smartphone App to locate these ATM's.

*The service fee is waived if you qualify for our No Fee Zone


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